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    ** Michigan law requires employers to make accommodations to handicapped applicants and employees where the accommodation does not impose an undue hardship on the employer. Handicapped employees and applicants may request an accommodation of their handicap by notifying the company in writing of the need for accommodation within 182 days of the date the handicapper knows or should know that an accommodation is needed. Failure to properly notify the company will preclude any claim that the employer failed to accommodate the handicapper.


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    I agree that any action or suit against the Company arising out of my employment or termination of employment, including but not forever barred. I waive any limitation period to the contrary. I further agree that if I should bring any action or claim arising out of my employment against the Company in which the Company prevails, I will pay to the Company any and all costs incurred by the firm in defense of said claims or actions, including attorney fees. I further agree that my employment is conditional until such time as the results of my entire background investigation is completed and my pre-employment drug screen and physical (if such physical) are known.

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