Why choose us?

We are dedicated to providing outstanding candidates and specialized client service!

With a management team with over 50 years of Industry experience, Transnational Staffing has been filling the specific individual needs of each customer we service.

Our staffing agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you with your staffing needs. When you utilize Transnational Staffing, you can be confident that you have selected one of Southeast Michigan's most efficient staffing companies. We do not have a minimum or maximum quota on staffing job personnel so that we can match your needs on any scale.


Our number one priority is your TOTAL satisfaction with our staffing personnel.

If you are unhappy with the performance of one of our workers for any reason, don't hesitate to contact your Transnational Staffing agent to report the problem. You will not be billed for the hours worked by that person that day.

We are headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, and here for you 24/7. Contact Us Today!
  • Toby M.
    I'd like to thank Transnational Staffing for the quick response and great service they provided when we needed some extra help at the last minute for our event at the Grand Prix. Our clients were pleased, everything ran smoothly, and we will definitely see you again next year.
    Toby M.
    Romulus, MI
  • Joan M.
    When our previous staffing company walked out on the job and we were left high and dry with a fast-approaching deadline, Transnational Staffing stepped in and saved the day! Thanks to Peter and Rachel, and the rest of the Transnational Staffing staff, we were able to salvage the job and make our deadline. We will hire Transnational Staffing for our next project so things will get done right the first time.”
    Joan M.
    Taylor, MI
  • Tom K.
    My name is Tom K, and I'm the Senior VP for a large management firm. Every month around the 1st, we have about 300 move-outs company wide and need to have our vacant units ready by the 15th. Thanks to Transnational Staffing, we have met our quota every month this past year. I just want to thank everyone at Transnational Staffing for a job well done.
    Tom K.
    Detroit, MI
  • Lisa S.
    Transnational Staffing was there when my family needed them most. We had a fire in our home last year and and needed help saving our valuable family heirlooms and priceless possessions. I called Ron at Transnational Staffing and within an hour he had assembled a team of 11 people to quickly remove everything that we could from the house. Thanks Transnational Staffing—I don't know what we would have done without you.
    Lisa S.
    Grosse Point, MI
  • L. Foley
    We have used Transnational Staffing during high production runs the past 3 years, and plan on using them again. Our output has increased by 35 percent while our staffing costs have decreased by 9 percent. I would definitely recommend Transnational Staffing to anyone who needs fast, reliable, temporary staff.
    L. Foley
    Sterling Heights, MI

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